Work & Travel

Summer training and vacation program in the United states

The program provides students with three-month summer vacation program in United States to study the US's everyday life and civilization, American history and culture, to improve English language skills, to gain experience and to improve their self-reliance. The program covers students from many countries through specialized authorities approved by the State Department under the Student Cultural Exchange Program implemented by the US Government.

The program is held in most lively cities where tourism is concentrated with hotels, restaurants, water parks and amusement parks.

The working environment and wages are in accordance with US Labor Law and pay income taxes in the United States depending on working hours.

The general requirements for the program are:
  • University of high school and college
  • From age 18 to 28
  • Appropriate level of English

Students will learn about day-to-day life of United States and enjoy your Summer vacation while improving their English speaking skills, and if you want to study in United States, Summer Work and Travel program will be the cheapest and right solution.

Required materials:
  • Picture (4 × 6 size 1%)
  • Copy of Citizen's ID
  • Registration fee
  • Foreign passport

The following costs will be incurred for this Program:

  • Program payment (Service fee of sponsor, Invitation, Health insurance, SEVIS fee and employment.)
  • Visa fee $ 160
  • Depending on where the two-way road travel costs $ 1000 - $ 1450
  • Pocket money $ 400- $ 700